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Nationaal Vlasserij-Suikermuseum in Noord-Brabant
Nationaal Vlasserij-Suikermuseum in North Brabant
Take part in guided tours of employees who have worked in flax for many years

Here in the heart of the region where flax and sugar beet have historically been grown, you will find the Nationaal Vlasserij-Suikermuseum (National Flax and Sugar Museum). There’s no better place to learn about the production of flax and sugar beets and working in the factories.

From stalk to sugar

The processing of flax to linen and from sugar beet to sugar are the central themes of the Nationaal Vlasserij-Suikermuseum. Learn about the production process, from reeling to scutching. The sugar exhibit is a guided tour of authentic objects, production processes and old sugar products.


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