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Hoogstraat 1-3
3142 EA Maassluis
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010 - 59 12 474

Vooraanzicht van het Nationaal Sleepvaartmuseum, gevestigd in een groot huis met rode klapramen
Het Nationaal Sleepvaartmuseum in Maassluis
Drie modelschepen in het museum
Ontdek meer over de historie van de Nederlandse sleepvaart

The Nationaal Sleepvaart Museum (National Dutch Towage Museum) is located in the old port of Maassluis. Learn all about tugboats in the Netherlands, as well as the rich Dutch maritime history.

The museum focuses on maritime towage on inland waterways and rivers, in ports and at sea. Tug along for fun at the Nationaal Sleepvaart Museum! Discover Hollands Glorie in Maasluis! The exhibition includes scale models, themed exhibitions and a sailing simulation program. Hollands Glorie, roman van de zeesleepvaart by Jan de Hartog is a well-known book in the Netherlands. The book was translated as Captain Jan.


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