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Sun 10:00 - 17:00
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Verlengde Paltzerweg 1
3768 MX Soest
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085 - 00 36 000

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Het Nationaal Militair Museum in Soest
The National Military Museum, Soest
In het Militair Museum leer je alles over de Nederlandse krijgsmacht
Find out all there is to know about the Armed Forces of the Netherlands at the National Military Museum!
Een van de tentoonstellingszalen van het museum
An exhibition room at the museum

Want to ride in an armored vehicle? Visit the Nationaal Militair Museum (national military museum), located in the grounds of the former Soesterberg Air Base. There’s plenty to see and learn about the Netherlands Armed Forces.

Young and old alike can experience the past, present and future of the Netherlands Armed Forces at the Nationaal Militair Museum.

The museum illustrates the significance of the armed forces in stories, activities and exhibitions that leave a lasting impression. Explore the six themed areas and be immersed in the exciting stories of Dutch military personnel. Marvel at tanks, aircraft and other equipment in the Armory. Did you know there’s plenty to do? Xplore offers a variety of tactical games children can enjoy.

You can also explore the unique nature of the Soesterberg Air Base Park, walk or cycle on the landing strip and enjoy the panoramic landscape.


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