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Oude Gracht 1
9341 AA Veenhuizen
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0592 - 38 82 64

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Het Nationaal Gevangenismuseum in Veenhuizen
National Prison Museum, Veenhuizen
Het museum is in een voormalig werkgesticht
The museum is located in a former gaol where inmates were subjected to hard labor
In het Gevangenismuseum leer je op interactieve manier over gevangenis en straf vanaf 1600 tot nu
At the National Prison Museum, learn interactively about prison and punishment from 1600 to the present day

Ever been put in the stocks? Ever sat on a judge’s bench? At the National Prison Museum in Veenhuizen, you can do all this and more. Take a ride on a prison bus. Learn all about crime and punishment.

Veenhuizen is a village with more than 100 national heritage sites and three prisons. The museum is housed in a former prison, built in 1823 to detain beggars and vagrants. Two of the main exhibits are a 17th-century wooden rack and breaking rack.

Modern and interactive

The National Prison Museum is a modern and interactive museum for young and old alike. Visit the state prison and meet five prisoners or take a tour of the Rode Pannen jail. What about a tour of Veenhuizen in a real-life prison bus? There’s plenty for kids to do: the exciting Curse of Veenhuizen scavenger hunt, the Tall Leo Kids’ Trail, or Climbing Prison, a playground in the museum’s courtyard.


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