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Velperengh 13
3941 BZ Doorn
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0343 - 41 21 44

Ingang van het gebouw met daarvoor gevulde terrasjes
The Bomenmuseum in Doorn
Bezoekers wandelen langs verschillende soorten bomen
Discover different types of trees

Stroll through tree-rich Nationaal Bomenmuseum Gimborn in Doorn.

World-famous collection

The Nationaal Bomenmuseum Gimborn in Doorn has a world-famous collection of trees and shrubs from all corners of the world. The specimens have been collected for scientific research during expeditions and through the exchange of seeds with other arboretums and botanic gardens. Some of the plants are extremely rare. The aim of the arboretum is to save these plants for the future for both scientific research and the general public.


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