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Archeonlaan 1
2408 ZB Alphen a/d Rijn
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0172 - 44 77 44

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Museumpark Archeon in Alphen aan de Rijn
Archeon Museum Park, Alphen aan den Rijn
Bezoekers in een Romeinse boot
At Archeon, immerse yourself in prehistoric, Roman and medieval times

At Archeon, the ‘residents’ of reconstructed buildings bring prehistoric, Roman and medieval times back to life by performing daily activities and even reenacting gladiator fights.

Travel through time

At Archeon, you can experience three periods of Dutch history: Prehistoric, Roman and medieval times. The open-air museum site features 43 reconstructed structures: city gates, bridges, an inn, huts, temples, a monastery, farmhouses and guildhalls.

Past and present

Archaeological finds prove similar structures were built in the Netherlands at that time. Archeon interpreters make history really come to life.


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