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Van Swinderenweg 10
9891 AD Ezinge
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0594 - 62 15 24

Museum Wierdenland in Ezinge
Museum Wierdenland in Ezinge
Kinderen krijgen uitleg over het Wierdenland
Get carried away by the history of the mound landscape

Museum Wierdenland exhibits the development of nature, culture and society of the man-made residential mounds through time. Discover the treasures of the oldest cultural landscape of the Netherlands.

A village on a man-made residential mound

Ezinge is a town built on an artificial dwelling hill. The Landschapszaal (Landscape hall) displays the origin of the current man-made landscape and their residents. In the Van Giffenzaal you find out more about archaeological finds in the Ezinge region discovered around 1930. The museum includes a life-size replica of a section of a farmhouse. One wall of this house contained the skulls and bones of a dog, a horse and a cow, a sacrificial offer for the building of the home.


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