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Commandeurstraat 30-32
8881 BB West-Terschelling
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0562 - 44 23 89

Museum 't Behouden Huys
Museum 't Behouden Huys in West-Terschelling
Twee meiden bekijken de collectie van het museum
Admire various souvenirs from Terschelling

Museum ’t Behouden Huys is the treasure trove of Terschelling. Find out more about forgotten events, Willem Barentsz, folktales, fairy tales and sagas of Terschelling and Jauk Haan and the seven mermaids.

Treasury of Terschelling

Come be amazed by the culture and history of Terschelling at Museum ’t Behouden Huys. Walk in and meet Minister Grevensteijn, who was at the Great Fire of 1666 and tells his story. Then venture into the attic for stories of long-forgotten events. Learn more about Willem Barentsz.


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