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Zonnenburg 2
3512 NL Utrecht
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030 - 82 01 420

Kids proof
Zijaanzicht van Museum Sonnenborgh in Utrecht
Museum Sonnenborgh in Utrecht
Een kind kijkt in de telescoop van Museum Sonnenborgh
Discover the universe
Een jonge bezoeker maakt een foto van een sterrenstelsel
Also come to the Stargazing evenings

Bringing far away closer by at Sonnenborgh! Today, where scientist once wrestled with the fundamental questions about the sun and the weather, you can now learn all about the universe. Don’t miss the stargazing nights!

Bringing far away closer by at Sonnenborgh! At this historic 19th-century observatory, scientists researched the composition of the sun and created the first weather forecasts.

Stargazing night

Sonnenborgh is now a museum where, as a visitor, you can come and study the universe yourself. Climb the stairs of the observatory and admire the starry sky on one of the stargazing nights. Learn everything about this special building, the stars and the weather in one of the exhibitions, guided tours or lectures. Or come along on a virtual tour of space in the planetarium.

Heroes and black holes

Aim the telescope at space. Disappear into a black hole. Build your own satellite. Explore and learn about the heroes of Sonnenborgh. A tablet will be your guide and will challenge you to go further in your exploration.

Sonnenborgh was built on a 16th-century bastion. It is one of the best-preserved city wall bastions in Northern Europe. That in itself makes it worth the visit.


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