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Graaf Hendriksteeg 2
8081 CH Elburg
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0525 - 68 55 64

Verhalenmuseum Museum Sjoel Elburg
Story museum Museum Sjoel Elburg
De binnenkant van het museum
The inside of the museum

Museum Sjoel Elburg (Elburg Synagogue Museum) is a museum of stories about the ordinary and extraordinary everyday lives of Jewish families that have lived in Elburg since 1700. A story of integration and tolerance.

Discover the story of Jewish history in small towns and villages in the Dutch province (the “mediene”) in a dynamic and engaging manner.

Integration and tolerance

Museum Sjoel Elburg offers a historic perspective for a current issue: integration and tolerance. How were minority groups viewed in the past? How did Jewish and non-Jewish citizens of Elburg live together side-by-side? The museum is housed in the historic synagogue of Elburg.


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