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Barchman Wuytierslaan 198
3818 LN Amersfoort
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033 - 46 61 996

Een tank uit het Cavaleriemuseum
Het Cavaleriemuseum in Amersfoort

Discover the most traditional arm of the Royal Netherlands Army at the Cavaleriemuseum (Cavalry museum). Explore 400 years of Dutch cavalry history on the grounds of the Bernhardkazerne barracks.

Sint Jorisgebouw (Saint George’s building)

The Cavaleriemuseum’s extensive collection is housed in two buildings. The Sint Jorisgebouw displays uniforms, small arms, silver objects, paintings and scale models.


The Landsverkgebouw, named after the first armored vehicle used by the Dutch cavalry, houses a collection of historic cavalry vehicles. Tanks and armored cars are on display outside and around the two buildings.


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