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Oldenzaalsestraat 39
7591 GL Denekamp
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0541 - 35 13 25

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Natura Docet Wonderryck Twente
The oldest museum of natural history in the Netherlands
Ontdekkingstocht door het museum
An exploration of the past and present, an encounter with clouds of butterflies and roadsides full of flowers

Museum Natura Docet is the oldest Dutch museum of natural history for the entire family. The remarkable collection lets you to stand face-to-face with nature.

From a kingfisher to a saltwater crocodile

A museum with a range of activities, where you stand face to face with nature and culture. Every room has its own story. Go on an adventure and marvel at the remarkable collection of mounted specimens, skeletons and fossils in the Cabinets of Curiosities, from a kingfisher to a saltwater crocodile and a dinosaur egg to a mammoth skeleton. Build your own digital forest in Funky Forest, discover nature in the museum lab and enjoy the beautiful museum gardens or the terrace café. There’s plenty to see and do in and around the museum.


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