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Menkemaweg 2
9981 CV Uithuizen
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0595 - 43 19 70

De Menkemaborg in Uithuizen
De Menkemaborg in Uithuizen
Luchtfoto van de Menkemaborg
De Menkemaborg vanuit de lucht
Een kamer met kast, tafel en stoelen in 18e eeuwse stijl
Bij binnenkomst stap je zo de 18e eeuw in

The Menkemaborg is a fully furnished mansion that gives a striking impression of life in the 18th century at a Groningen estate, a ‘borg’. It’s so painstakingly restored that it looks as if the residents could be returning home at any moment.


The Menkemaborg originally dates from the 14th century, although a number of extensions were added since. The various rooms, including the great hall, study, bedroom, kitchen and basements, are furnished with elegant 17th and 18th-century furniture, silverware, porcelain, copperware and portraits. The gardens are located between the two canals. The natural sundial garden where the shadow of the wooden gnomon gives the time as it was in the 18th century.


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