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Dijkweg 1-3
8713 KD Hindeloopen
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0514 - 52 14 20

Zilverwerk uit de collectie van Museum Hindeloopen
Silverware from Museum Hindeloopen
Een houten kist met de kenmerkende Hindeloopse beschildering
A wooden box with the recognisable, Hindelooper painting

Three centuries ago, Hindeloopen grew into an important trading city. Museum Hindeloopen illustrates the rich history of Hindeloopen, a small city on the edge of the former Zuiderzee.

Upstairs, you’ll find the eye-catching audiovisual room, which is shaped like a large sailing ship, where you can see a short film about a merchant ship’s journey to St. Petersburg. On this floor, you can also find a reconstruction of a typical Hindeloopen home, dating from circa 1740.


The museum also focuses on the fishing industry and development of Hindeloopen. Discover the typical folk costume and the world-famous Hindeloopen furniture.


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