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Thu - Sun 13:00 - 17:00
Mon - Tue Closed
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Mensingheweg 7
9301 KA Roden
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050 - 50 15 030

Museum Havezate Mensinge
Museum Havezate Mensinge in Roden
Museum Havezate Mensinge van binnen
The museum inside

The authentic inventory of the Havezate Mensinge Museum in Roden reflects the long history of the manor and its residents.

Paintings and more

Family portraits from the 18th century are displayed alongside landscape paintings of the surroundings by Coenraad Kymell from around 1900. In the hallway, a pair of historic wall clocks - one from the province of Drenthe, dating from 1760, and the other from the province of Friesland, dating from 1850, mark the passing of time – even though it sometimes feels as if time stands still at Mensinge.


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