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Westsingel 50
3811 BC Amersfoort
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033 - 24 71 100

Museum Flehite in Amersfoort
Rondleiding in Museum Flehite
Ontdek in het museum alles over de stadsgeschiedenis van Amersfoort
Huis voor kunst en geschiedenis in Amersfoort
Een gastvrije ontvangst
Verwondering om kunst
Creatieve workshops
Geschiedenis van Amersfoort
In het hart van de historische binnenstad van Amersfoort

Museum Flehite focuses on the history of Amersfoort (from a miracle of the Virgin Mary to Eysink motorcycles). It is a house for art and history in the historic center of Amersfoort.

Museum Flehite: House for art and history in the historic center of Amersfoort. The museum is located in houses built into the city wall during the Late Middle Ages, and offers a wonderful taste of the city’s history. The museum holds art exhibitions of national and international art. Take a break to enjoy a bite to eat and a drink at the museum café.* A cultural outing to Museum Flehite can be combined with a visit to the city center to complete your day out.


Alongside the permanent exhibition on the history of Amersfoort, the museum hosts temporary exhibitions on the history of art and culture. The museum scavenger hunt has been developed especially for children. Ask at the desk for more information. Exhibitions overview


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