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071 - 36 19 773

De bunker waar Museum Engelandvaarders in gevestigd is
Museum Engelandvaarders in Noordwijk
Een muur met affiches uit de tweede wereldoorlog
In het museum ontdek je het verhaal van de mensen die tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog naar Engeland vluchtten
Kinderen in een boot in het museum
Kinderen in het museum

Museum Engelandvaarders (England sailers) tells the story of the people who escaped the occupied Netherlands during World War II and traveled to the United Kingdom to continue the fight.

Heroes overseas

Hundreds of Engelandvaarders (England sailers) used small, barely seaworthy boats or even canoes to escape to the United Kingdom. From there, they often continued to fight against Nazi Germany and Japan. The crossing was incredibly difficult. Many of them never made it. Those who did reach England often joined the British or Dutch military branches.

Who were these people, and what are their stories? Get to know the Engelandvaarders and their stories.


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