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Burg. Tonckensstraat 49
7921 KB Zuidwolde
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0528 - 37 33 32

De nieuwe entree
Museum De Wemme in Zuidwolde
De Wemme bezit een grote collectie handkarren die te bezichtigen zijn in het museum
The Wemme owns a large collection of handcarts which can be viewed at the museum
Images of the opening in June 2021

Museum De Wemme hosts a new cultural history exhibition every year. The permanent exhibition consists of a large collection of handcarts.

Museum De Wemme, the regional cultural history and handcart museum in Zuidwolde, is a small museum, renovated beautifully in 2021.


The museum houses a new exhibition every year. The 2022 exhibition, Je kunt de pot op (figurative meaning ‘get lost’, but literally ‘you can do your business in the pot’) is a retrospective of the history of the toilet. It starts with those used by the people who built the early Neolithic structures ends with very modern contemporary toilets. The following themes are addressed along the way: What happens to our stool, How do we relieve ourselves on the road and What did people use to wipe their behinds through time?

Great relevance

For many it is difficult to talk about the topic, even though we do it daily. It is useful to think about it because good sanitary facilities are relevant to our health.

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The museum manages their unique collection of handcarts and exhibits a number of them every year. This year the museum exhibits handcarts selected based on the Health theme. Walk in the orchard and enjoy works of art by Adje Martens. Tin-Art is a decorative tin works located next to the museum. It is one of the last operating tin casting works in the Netherlands and presents a rotating collection of jewelry and other items. The museum is also a Tourist Information Point (TIP).


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