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5688 BA Oirschot
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Museum de Vier Quartieren in Oirschot
Keukengerei van vroeger
Beleef het boerenleven van vroeger
Keuken van vroeger
Ontdek hoe duurzaam onze voorouders omgingen met voedsel en energie

Museum de Vier Quartieren (Four Quarters Museum) shows the ordinary and rural lives of the people of Brabant in the past through the eyes of the province’s native son Vincent van Gogh. Here you will find reproductions of a number of notable Van Gogh drawings and paintings as well as the museum’s unique collection of originals.


Discover the sustainable ways in which people in the past preserved food and energy and learn about the simple means and materials that helped them survive the seasons.


Museum de Vier Quartieren is located in the 16th-century chapterhouse in the center of Oirschot, near the basilica and the market square.

The museum holds both its own collection and collections on loan from folklorist Willy Knippenberg, the Van den Berghs and the Vogels family, who have a connection to the province of North Brabant.


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