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Garderenseweg 97
3881 NC Putten
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0341 - 35 54 85

Museum 'De Tien Malen' in Putten
Museum 'De Tien Malen' in Putten

Regional agriculture in the Putten area. At Museum De Tien Malen visitors look back in time and discover how people used, influenced and managed the land in and around Putten: village greens, land fertilized using manure and sods, and uncultivated land and the farmers who had the legal hereditary right to use this land.


What is the origin of the term malen? Putten dates back to 855, when it consisted of hamlets and ‘maalschappen’ owning uncultivated land from which members could take sods to fertilize the cultivated land. The most important members of the hamlets met once a year to discuss their common affairs. The museum tells the history of Putten based on archaeological finds.


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