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Wed - Sat 13:00 - 16:00
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Hofmeijerstraat 1
7571 CH Oldenzaal
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0541 - 53 77 33

The entrance to Museum de Pelgrim in Oldenzaal
Tour the rich collection of sculptures

Museum de Pelgrim (Museum the Pilgrim) is a small museum housing a grand collection. See what the rich Roman Catholic life of Oldenzaal was like from inside two almshouses.

In the early Middle Ages the city of Oldenzaal was visited by the pilgrim Plechelm, and in later times it would become the religious center of the Twente region. After the pilgrim’s death, his remains were transferred to the basilica that bears his name in the Oldenzaal city center. This was, then, the obvious choice for the location of this unique museum.

A visit to the museum is a feast for your eyes. Everywhere you look you’ll see something different: a unique sculpture, a beautiful rosary or something you’ve never seen before. Every object has its own story. One thing is certain: this is a collection like you’ve never seen before.


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