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Beelden in het Hildo Krop Museum
Sculptures in the Hildo Krop Museum

In 1956, Hildo Krop became the honorary city sculptor of Amsterdam. The city is filled with his artwork. Museum Hildo Krop houses a unique collection.

Museum Hildo Krop forms part of the Instituut Collectie Krop, housed in the villa Rams Woerthe in Steenwijk. The museum houses unique artwork by the sculptor Hildo Krop.

Who was Hildo Krop?

Hildo Krop attended the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten (state academy of fine arts). After he graduated, he quickly started to make a name for himself. For 40 years, he worked for the city of Amsterdam. In 1956, he was granted the honorary title of city sculptor of Amsterdam. The museum displays art produced by this well-known sculptor.


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