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Herenstreek 11a
7885 AT Nieuw Dordrecht
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0591 - 39 34 00

Museum Collectie Brands in Nieuw-Dordrecht
Museum Collectie Brands in Nieuw-Dordrecht
Tentoonstelling over de Drentse gouden eeuw
Exhibition on the Golden Age of Drenthe
Bezoekers in het museum
Visitors at the museum

Experience a wondrous world and the thrill of recognition at Museum Collectie Brands. Jans Brands recognized the extraordinary in everyday items and spent 65 years building an impressive collection.

You’ll find Jans Brands’ extensive collection in Nieuw-Dordrecht, near Emmen. Jans saw something special in everyday items. He kept things that others would simply discard. He bought books and other items that tickled his fancy at flea markets, but also acquired unique and valuable objects at auctions. As a result, his collection grew in size and value.

Private home

A visit to the Museum Collectie Brands isn’t complete until you’ve seen Jans’ private home. It looks exactly the way Jans left it a number of years ago. One step inside the old farmhouse and it feels like you’ve traveled back to your grandmother’s time.


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