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Cobra Museum voor de Moderne Kunst in Amstelveen
Cobra Museum voor Moderne Kunst in Amstelveen
Tentoonstellingszaal in het museum
Tentoonstellingszaal in het museum
Kunstwerken van Míro tentoongesteld
Kunstwerken van Míro tentoongesteld

During the mid-20th century, the Cobra movement (1948-1951) helped modern art break through in the Netherlands. The Cobra Museum is the place to see the great works of this movement.

Experiment & expression

Experiment and expression in art are emphasized in the spirit of the Cobra movement at the museum. It owns a large Cobra art collection and documentary material that is continuously being expanded and used for various exhibitions. The museum is an international expertise center regarding the Cobra heritage, and it conducts research and advises other museums.

Crossroads of society and art

The Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen was founded in 1995. It makes the heritage of the Cobra movement available to the public and keeps the ideas of the artists involved with the movement alive. The ideas and visions of the Cobra movement go beyond the artworks and poetry it produced. The attitude towards work of the Cobra artists is still relevant today. They were looking for a connection between art and the people. They were vocal about the direction society was taking. They worked together, inspired each other and generated more impact together than they ever could have individually.


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