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Museumweg 2
1721 BW Broek op Langedijk
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0226 - 31 38 07

Museum Broekerveiling
Museum BroekerVeiling, Broek op Langedijk
Mensen in de veilingzaal
The oldest auction house in the world
Lachende kinderen aan het veilen
Be an auctioneer and discover what happens at an auction

The BroekerVeiling, in the Geestmerambacht polder in the province of North Holland, was the first and last sail-through vegetable auction in the world. It’s been a unique museum since 1973. See how vegetables used to be auctioned here.

The sail-through auction house

Discover the story of an area that was once made up of over 15,000 islands. The first and last sail-through vegetable auction house in the world was located among these islands. In 1973, it became a museum. Go back in time with gardener Arie and learn how the produce was auctioned. If you like, you can sail through the remains of the Realm of a Thousand Islands. Or be inspired by the various exhibitions.


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