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Museum Belvedere van buitenaf
Museum Belvédère
Publiekslieveling Jan Mankes
Zaalfoto van de westvleugel

Museum Belvédère is the museum for modern and contemporary paintings from the Northern Netherlands. The exhibits also include art by national and international contemporaries and kindred spirits.


In the 1950s three friends dreamed of their own museum for modern art: Boele Bregman, Sjoerd de Vries and Thom Mercuur. Some 40 years later, their dream came true. Museum Belvédère is the first museum for modern and contemporary art in Friesland.

Jan Mankes and Thijs Rinsema

The museum exhibits works of art by relevant Frisian painters such as Jan Mankes, Thijs Rinsema, Tames Oud, Gerrit Benner, Boele Bregman, Willem van Althuis and Sjoerd de Vries, but also work by kindred spirits from other parts of the Netherlands and abroad.


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