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Kerkbuurt 44-47
1156 BL Marken
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0299 - 60 19 04

Het Marker Museum
De ingang van het Marker Museum
Een waterput betegeld met Bijbelse tegels

The Marker Museum is housed in six smokehouses. One of them is furnished as it would have been in 1932, which is when a family last lived there. The museum paints a picture of Marken through a rotating program of temporary exhibitions.

Traditionally, houses in Marken had “whitewashed” walls covered with signs and pictures, wooden boxes for traditional clothing items and elaborately decorated beds.

Temporary exhibitions

The museum paints a picture of Marken with temporary exhibitions and an audiovisual presentation. The museum displays a wide range of traditional costumes from Marken. Paintings by Reinier Peijnenburg (1884-1968) and works by painter Jan Moenis (1875-1953) from Marken are also on display.


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