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De buitenkant van het Marius van Dokkum Museum
The Marius van Dokkum Museum
André van Duin bezoekt het museum
André van Duin in the museum
Een schilderij van Marius van Dokkum dat tentoongesteld staat in het museum
A painting by Marius van Dokkum on display at the museum

The paintings on display at the Marius van Dokkum Museum in Harderwijk often have an element of humor. Van Dokkum’s work often features ordinary people in their own environments.


The work of Marius van Dokkum (born 1957) consists of portraits, still lifes and free subject paintings. His free subject paintings often portray people in their own living environment. Despite their idiosyncrasies, these people are still likable. All the details are typical of Marius van Dokkum’s work. There’s so much to see! His paintings often have a funny side. Van Dokkum believes that humor makes art more accessible.

Anatomical theater

The Marius van Dokkum Museum in Harderwijk opened on 26 May 2018. It is housed in one of Harderwijk’s most striking buildings, the University of Harderwijk’s former anatomical theater. Professors of anatomy would teach their students during dissections. After a thorough renovation, this remarkable location was turned into a museum dedicated to the work of a living artist.


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