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Leuvehaven 1
3011 EA Rotterdam
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010 - 41 32 680

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Verschillende bootjes in het water van de Museumhaven
The Museum Harbor at the Maritime Museum Rotterdam
Drie bezoekers bekijken een miniatuur schip aandachtig
Discover six centuries of Dutch maritime history
Kinder-doe-tentoonstelling Professor Plons
Childrens exhibit Professoe Splash
Maritiem Museum Haven
Maritiem Museum Harbour

Salty sea dogs, fearless explorers and scary sea monsters. At the Maritime Museum, travel through the maritime past and present of the Netherlands via exhibitions for adventurers young and old alike.

Listen to the stories of salty sea dogs, fearless explorers, hard-working dockworkers, chic cruise passengers, maritime engineers or bold sea captains.

Dive into the story of the Port of Rotterdam at ‘The Port’ exhibition, and enjoy two unique art collections from the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and the Maritime Museum, brought together in the ‘Maritime Masterpieces’ exhibition. Take your children on an adventure with Professor Splash or take part in one of the many activities. The museum is located in the oldest and largest museum harbor in the Netherlands, where you can experience how the world-famous Port of Rotterdam started by visiting historic ships and cranes. Maritime Museum, a world of moving experiences!


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