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Hoofdgracht 3
1781 AA Den Helder
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085 - 01 63 690

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Het Marinemuseum in Den Helder
Navy Museum, Den Helder
Scheepsbel van de kruiser de Ruyter
The ship’s bell on the de Ruyter cruiser
Proeven voor ouders en kinderen
Play and find out more about naval technology

Are you brave enough to climb through the hatch and experience life on board a submarine? The Navy Museum in Den Helder is the place to really experience the navy.

Discover the history of the Royal Netherlands Navy, check out the armaments and uniforms, and learn all about the development of naval technology.

The Tonijn submarine

Experience the navy both at sea and underwater. The Tonijn submarine is a unique experience: the only such vessel open to the public in the Netherlands. The Tonijn is still in its original condition and former sailors tell you exciting stories about life on board.

500 years of history

Travel through 500 years of naval history at the Navy Museum. Check out ship models, armaments and uniforms. Listen to stories told by former sailors and learn about the technology used in the navy.


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