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Keulsepoort 5
5911 BX Venlo
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077 - 35 22 112

Het Limburgs Museum in Venlo
Limburgs Museum, Venlo
Het museum van binnen
The museum interior

The Limburgs Museum is a little different. Travel through time on an interactive journey of discovery. A show and tell of the people of Limburg and their stories. The museum focuses on family visits.


The museum collects, exhibits and shares Limburg's history and stories. We offer surprising perspectives on the province's past, present and future, as well as the wider world around us.


Limburg is a unique province. It was here that the nation's first inhabitants settled, followed by the first farmers. The Romans first entered our country through Limburg, which was also home to the first Christians and the founding place of our first cities.


In addition to this rich history, the museum also showcases Limburg as it is today. An internationally oriented province at the heart of European developments. The Limburgs Museum is at the heart of society and aims to facilitate a diverse and inclusive dialogue. The museum is communicating Limburg's unique stories in 3 ways: at the museum itself, at selected locations throughout the province and online.


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