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Westzeedijk 341
3015 AA Rotterdam
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010 - 44 00 300

De Kunsthal in Rotterdam
The Kunsthal, Rotterdam
Het KunsthalLAB waar kinderen zelf aan de slag kunnen
There’s plenty to do for kids at the KunsthalLab

The Kunsthal is a display of culture in the broadest sense. Take a fascinating tour through Old Masters, forgotten cultures, fascinating photographs, innovative design and contemporary art.

A journey of adventure

As several exhibitions always run concurrently, the Kunsthal offers a journey of adventure through different continents and artistic movements. The Kunsthal is a display of culture in the broadest sense, from high to pop culture.

Modern architecture

The Kunsthal exhibition space covers over 3,300 m2 in a distinctive building designed by the Rotterdam architect Rem Koolhaas. The building is an icon of modern architecture and is visited every year by enthusiasts of the artform from all over the world.


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