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Kerkstraat 1
6721 VA Bennekom
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0318 - 41 46 29

Het Kijk en Luistermuseum in Bennekom
The Watch and Listen Museum in Bennekom
Een greep uit de collectie van diverse mechanische instrumenten
At the museum you will learn all about mechanical music
Bezoekers krijgen een demonstratie van een muziek instrument
A demonstration in the museum's historic yarn and tape shop

How did people produce music mechanically at home or in dance halls before the phonograph, radio or CD-player? The Kijk en Luistermuseum (‘Look and Listen Museum’) answers this question and many more! Look and listen!

The museum exhibits a collection of mechanical musical automata dating from the 19th century. The unique collection of spring-operated and hand-cranked automata, which includes singing birds, player pianos, barrel organs and music-playing figurines such as the magician and the banjo player. During the tour, your guide will demonstrate a number of the instruments.


Among the music boxes, the unique Harmonium Amabile is one of three such instruments in the world still functioning.


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