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077 - 32 60 213

Keramiekcentrum de Tiendschuur in Tegelen
Museum Keramiekcentrum the tithe barn in Tegelen
Bezoekers bij een tentoonstelling in het museum
The museum has a unique collection of historic ceramics
In de Tiendschuur worden kinderworkshops gegeven voor de kleinste museum liefhebber
Ook voor de kinderen is er genoeg te doen in het museum

Keramiekcentrum Tiendschuur is located on the estate of Holtmühle Castle and has a unique collection of historical and contemporary ceramic art on display, from hand-thrown to modern design.

This castle complex is one of the few in the Netherlands that has been fully preserved. This includes: the tithe barn, castle gates, gardens, ponds and castle grounds.

Clay products from Tegelen

Both historical as well as contemporary ceramics are on display in the tithe barn. The historical collection offers a fascinating look at the clay products industry in the village of Tegelen throughout the centuries. Come see the development of the coarse ceramics industry and the famous dinnerware from Tegelen. Learn all about the traditional three-color technique, whereby yellow, white and dark brown clay is applied to red clay.


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