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Kasteellaan 1
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Kasteel de Haar van vooraf met rode en witte bloemen
De Haar Castle is the largest and most luxurious castle in the Netherlands.
The imposing central hall was once the courtyard of De Haar Castle.
Ridderzaal met bezoekers
Knights' Hall, also known as the living room of the castle
bezoekers in kamer 1 bij bed
Room 1 - Baroness's bedroom
Kamer 3 met bureau
Room 3 - Baron's bedroom

What does it feel like to live in a castle? Discover this and more at De Haar Castle, where every door opens to another story. Stories of the times, cultures and people of the past. Take a guided tour or go off on your own with an audio guide.

Stories locked away behind castle walls

De Haar is the largest castle in the Netherlands, once owned by the Van Zuylen family. This impressive monumental castle is extraordinary due to its rich history. Baron Etienne van Zuylen and Baroness Hélène de Rothschild de Haar inherited the castle in the 19th century, in a state of disrepair. The wealth and splendor that followed was very unusual for the Netherlands.

Pierre Cuypers

Architect Pierre Cuypers, the designer of the Rijksmuseum and Amsterdam Centraal station, renovated the dilapidated castle and turned it into a modern lodging for the baron, baroness and their countless distinguished guests. The castle’s luxurious amenities were ahead of its time. The inhabitants had access to running water, central heating, a Turkish bath, a cutting-edge kitchen, and even a passenger elevator!


Explore the castle and hear many – sometimes outlandish – stories on the national and international jet set, who often spent several days a year on the de Haar estate.


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