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Industrieel Museum Zeeland gevestigd in de monumentale suikerloods in Sas van Gent
Industrieel Museum Zeeland located in the monumental sugar warehouse in Sas van Gent
Drie kinderen lopen een trapje af bij een spoorweg
A must for the real industry and technology enthusiast

From inside the historic sugar warehouses of the first Cooperative Sugar Factory, the Industrieel Museum Zeeland takes you on a journey from the past into the present-day state of Zeeland’s industry and its broader impact.

Do you associate Zeeland with steam engines, factory smokestacks or underground naphtha pipelines? Surely not. Yet Zeeland is the center of knowledge for a number of industrial sectors that sell their products all over the world.

Dubai and Mentos

For example, the glass for skyscrapers in Dubai comes from Sas van Gent, and Zeeland is the center of developments in the bio-energy sector. And did you know that the various sweets, such as Fruit-tella and Mentos originate from Zeeland? Discover a new perspective on industry in all its facets in the permanent collection of the Industrieel Museum Zeeland.

The museum is divided up into zones and pavilions where different topics are addressed in an interactive manner. This setup provides the museum visitor with a modern means to experience the impact of Zeeland’s industry.


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