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Buiten Nieuwstraat 2
8261 AV Kampen
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038 - 38 58 483

Het Ikonenmuseum in Kampen
The Ikonenmuseum in Kampen
Een huiselijk tafereel met ikonen aan de muur
The Ikonenmuseum has over 170 icons!

The Ikonenmuseum Kampen (the Icon Museum of Kampen) presents a clear picture of what an icon actually is and what the different styles of icons are. You will learn about the meaning of this form of religious art and what keeps it still relevant today.

What makes the Ikonenmuseum in Kampen different from other museums about Christian and religious art is that it is exclusively dedicated to religious icons. Thanks to this focus on icons, the exhibit informs visitors what kinds of icons there are and how they are relevant today. The museum contains 170 icons.


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