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Westerplein 6
1901 NA Castricum
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023 - 51 43 247

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Huis van Hilde buitenkant
Exterior of the Huis van Hilde in Castricum
Huis van Hilde van binnen
Exterior of the Huis van Hilde in Castricum

Huis van Hilde has two sections: the public archaeology information center and museum and the Archaeology repository for the Dutch province of North Holland. Come see the archaeology collection of the province of North Holland!


The archaeological collection at Huis van Hilde has a few million pieces, all unearthed in the province of North Holland. The finds represent all periods of the history of Noord-Holland: from flint fragments from the Stone Age to soldier’s helmets from the Second World War. The collection keeps growing as archaeological research leads to new finds.


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