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Molenstraat 45
6711 AW Ede
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0318 - 67 27 48

Het gebouw van Cultura waarin Historisch Museum Ede is gevestigd
Historisch Museum Ede is te vinden in cultuurcentrum Cultura.
Keramisch kookgerei
Het museum vertelt aan de hand van oude (archeologische) vondsten het verhaal van Ede.
Een schilderij van de (inmiddels gesloten) ENKA-fabriek.
Een schilderij van de (inmiddels gesloten) ENKA-fabriek.

Do you want to know what Ede looked like in the past, and how its inhabitants lived? Are you interested in historic photographs and objects and the stories behind them? Historisch Museum Ede (Ede historical museum) offers a wealth of information, objects, photographs and paintings.


The collection is available online, 24 hours per day, via Collectie Gelderland. The museum also organizes temporary exhibitions in Cultura, Ede’s municipal cultural center, or other locations in the town. In these exhibitions, historical heritage is linked to the history of Ede or current affairs.


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