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Oude Prinsweg 21
1861 CS Bergen NH
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072 - 58 97 028

Buitengevel van het Sterkenhuis
Het Sterkenhuis in Bergen
De keuken van het Sterkenhuis
Een kijkje in de keuken

Around the year 1900, the farming village of Bergen changed dramatically. Artists came to live there, tourism flourished and hotels were built. In light of this, how do you keep the memory of the village life of the past alive? That’s where museum Het Sterkenhuis comes in.

Museum Het Sterkenhuis is housed in a former longhouse farm dating from the 17th century. Discover the 18th and 19th century farmer’s life in the Bergen treasury. Get to know the past through furniture, household items, silver, porcelain and traditional clothing. The museum also tells the story of the Battle of Bergen of September 19, 1799.


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