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Wed - Mon 10:00 - 17:00
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Kattenburgerplein 1
1018 KK Amsterdam
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020 - 52 32 222

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Buitenkant van Het Scheepvaartmuseum met ervoor het VOC schip
The National Maritime Museum, Amsterdam
Binnen bij Het Scheepvaartmuseum met een kanon en verschillende schilderijen
Take a peek inside The National Maritime Museum
Een kind op het VOC schip Amsterdam
Discover the Amsterdam, a famous VOC ship

The National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam holds exhibitions and organizes activities focused on maritime history, to show how water connects worlds. Highlight The replica of the Amsterdam, a famous ship belonging to the Dutch East India Company (‘VOC’ in Dutch).

Water and the world

Discover one of the most prominent maritime collections in the world at the National Maritime Museum. Discover centuries-old maps and paintings and explore a life-size VOC ship. The museum also holds exhibitions of works by contemporary artists from around the world. The museum is ideal for families.


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