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Het Palthe Huis is te bezoeken in Oldenzaal
Het Palthe Huis in Oldenzaal
Neem tijdens je bezoek een kijkje in het huis van de familie Palthe
In het historische woonhuis ervaar je hoe de familie Palthe in de 18e eeuw gewoond moet hebben.
In het museum duik je ook in de geschiedenis van Oldenzaal door de stadscollectie
In het museum wordt ook de stadscollectie van de gemeente Oldenzaal bewaard.

Once the home of three generations of the Palthe family, the Palthe Huis is now a museum that takes you back in time. The Palthe Huis provides a palpable sense of history. The museum also houses the collection of the city of Oldenzaal.

The Palthe Huis in Oldenzaal is the residence of the Palthe family. Johannes Palthe, a Protestant minister and landowner, bought this house in the 18th century. It had been a farm building until the 17th century, when it was converted into a stately home. The family was prominent in Oldenzaal, its members having become judges, ministers and mayors. Three generations of the Palthe family lived in the Palthe Huis until Gulia, Johannes’ granddaughter, passed away in 1928 and the house became a museum.

The Palthe Huis museum takes you back in time. Explore the historic residence and discover how the Palthe family lived in the 18th century. The Palthe Huis provides a palpable sense of history. This is the best-preserved house in the Twente region, making the Palthe Huis a unique museum.


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