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Ligne 5
6131 MT Sittard
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046 - 45 13 460

Museum De Domijnen - Mus HK + Erfgoedcentrum
Museum de Domijnen in Sittard
Museum de Domijnen binnen
Bewonder hedendaagse kunst

The De Domijnen museum comprises the museum of contemporary art and the urban history and archaeology department of the Erfgoedcentrum (Heritage center). The museum focuses on international avant-garde but also regional history, cultural history and archaeology.

Contemporary art###

Museum Hedendaagse Kunst (Contemporary art museum) focuses mainly on the international avant-garde movement as a bridge between the anthropological and art historical world perspective. Young heroes and their artistic examples are the main focus of the exhibited art.

History & Archaeology - Erfgoedcentrum

The History & Archaeology department of the Erfgoedcentrum manages the collections and organizes presentations on regional history cultural history and archaeology. The focus is on the present and past regional history from an anthropological perspective.


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