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Westwalstraat 6
1411 PB Naarden
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035 - 69 45 459

Naarden-Vesting, de mooiste vestingstad van Nederland
Het Nederlands Vestingmuseum In Naarden-Vesting vanuit de lucht
Waterlinie expositie in kazemat  Nederlands Vestingmuseum
Een van de kazematten in Het Nederlands Vestingmuseum
Vestingkanon uit de Napoleontische tijd
Vestingkanon op het bastion van Het Nederlands Vestingmuseum

The Dutch Fortress Museum tells the full history of warfare in the Netherlands in a single visit! Discover the listening tunnels, cannon shots, go on boat tours and experience workshops, guided tours and fascinating items.

Fortified city

Naarden-Vesting is the best-preserved fortified city in the Netherlands. In previous centuries, Naarden has often been a battleground. The sturdy bastions and imposing walls are reminders of this illustrious military past.

The battle for freedom

Follow in the footsteps of stadtholder William III and Napoleon. Stroll amid the greenery of the walls and wander through the underground fortifications of the Turfpoort bastion. Discover the importance of fortifications and water lines during the battle for the freedom of the Netherlands.


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