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Hof 6
3311 XG Dordrecht
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Buitenkant van Het Hof van Nederland in Dordrecht
Het Hof van Nederland in Dordrecht
Het Hof van Nederland van binnen
A look inside Het Hof van Nederland
Een kind voltooit een opdracht
Interactive learning about the Netherlands
Stories of freedom

The Hof van Nederland is a place of great national importance. Take a front -row seat for the 1572 First Assembly of the Free States. The museum tells the story of the Netherlands.

Learn about the effect the Synod of Dordrecht had on Dutch language and culture. Experience 14th-century Dordrecht, then the most important city in Holland. Find out all about Dordrecht as the city of Johan and Cornelis de Witt, the North Sea flood of 1953 and the De Biesbosch National Park.

The story of the Netherlands

The Hof van Nederland undeniably presents the history of the Netherlands. Experience it for yourself in a multimedia presentation, mixing beautiful artifacts from the Dordrecht collection with interactive media.


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