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Putterstraat 14
5256 AN Heusden
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06 - 34 976 543

Het Gouverneurshuis van buiten
The Gouverneurshuis in Heusden

The Goeverneurshuis, or Governor’s House, is all about the history of the fortified city of Heusden. Come see the collection, drink a cup of coffee or tea on the terrace, have lunch at the museum café or enjoy the beautiful garden.

Main collection

The main collection consists of items that reflect the history of the Land van Heusden and the Land van Altena, including (both are regions in northern Brabant province, which consisted of city and surrounding villages, Heusden and Woudrichem, respectively) prints and paintings, vedutas and landscapes, scale models of Heusden and exquisite pieces of glassware that once belonged to the water board.


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