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Hermitage Amsterdam | Foto Eva Bloem
Hermitage Amsterdam | Photo Eva Bloem
Juwelen!-tentoonstelling | Foto Janiek Dam
Jewels! exhibition | Photo Janiek Dam
Kids Proof Museum | Hermitage voor Kinderen | Foto Evert Elzinga
The Hermitage nice for kids | Photo Evert Elzinga
The place to be | Foto Eva Bloem
The place to be | Photo Eva Bloem
Tentoonstelling Groepsportretten van de 17e eeuw | Collectie Amsterdam Museum en Rijksmuseum
Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century | Collection Amsterdam Museum and Rijksmuseum

Hermitage Amsterdam displays items from the collection from one of the largest and most famous museums in the world: the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, Russia. A new high-profile exhibition takes place every six months.

Travel through art history

You’ll never be bored here! Since opening its doors in 2009, over 16 major exhibitions of art from the St. Petersburg collection have been organized. The Hermitage in St. Petersburg is an encyclopedic museum of world art with various departments that house over 3 million items. A visit to the Hermitage feels like a trip through time, as you visit exhibitions that tell the story of the tsars’ court and more.

Three exhibitions, one building

Hermitage Amsterdam also displays other museums’ collections. For example, Amsterdam Museum’s Portrait Gallery of the 17th Century long-term exhibition, varied presentations from Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art and the annual display for the winner of the ABN AMRO Art Prize. Find out more about the building’s history in the Regentessenkamer, the kitchen, which dates back to 1725, and in the Panorama Amsterdam presentation. The bond between the Netherlands and Russia is highlighted in the Russia Room.


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