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Museumeiland 1
9711 ME Groningen
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050 - 36 66 555

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Het architectonisch indrukwekkende Groninger Museum
Groninger Museum Photograph: Erik & Petra Hesmerg 2014, Groninger Museum
De wenteltrap van Allessandro Mendini in het Groninger Museum
Mendini's spiral staircase. Photograph: Erik & Petra Hesmerg 2014 © Groninger Museum
Het Starckpaviljoen van het Groninger Museum
The Starck Pavilion Photo: Erik & Petra Hesmerg 2014 © Groninger Museum

Groningen likes to do things a little bit differently. In every exhibition, the museum challenges us to look at visual arts in a different way. The striking museum building is a masterpiece in itself.

De Ploeg

Of course, the city and province of Groningen plays a key role, with unique portraits, sparkling silverware and the remarkable works of the Groningen-based De Ploeg artist collective. You will also find paintings by Old Masters and The Hague School, but also works by modern and contemporary artists.

Fashion, design and photography

The museum also houses important fashion, design and photography collections. In addition to its own collection, the Groninger Museum holds frequent surprising exhibitions of works by both big names and unknown artists and designers.


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