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Grote Markt 17
4201 EB Gorinchem
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0183 - 63 28 21

Gorcums Museum
The Gorcums Museum is located in the old town hall of Gorinchem
Bezoekers in het museum
Discover art from the past and present

The Gorcums Museum is a versatile venue. The museum tells the story of the city of Gorinchem and displays a collection of local paintings, both contemporary and dating from the Dutch Golden Age.

From the battle against the water to Abraham Bloemaert. The museum owns a varied collection of art from Gorinchem.

Masters and artists

Meet the 17th-century masters from Gorinchem, such as Abraham Bloemaert, Gerard van Kuyll and Jan Meerhout. And discover the artists that lived in Gorinchem in the 20th century, like Ad Dekkers and Peter Struycken. Delve into the history of the city.


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