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Tue - Fri Closed
Sat - Sun 10:00 - 17:00
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Nieuwe Steeg 74
4171 KG Herwijnen
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0345 - 63 04 80

Kids proof
Geofort van bovenaf, het museum bestaat uit een groot gebied met wateren er omheen
GeoFort in Herwijnen as seen from above
Drie jonge bezoekers rondom een aardbol
Experience how the earth changes by turning the 4D globe
Een gezin in de desoriëntatietunnel van Geofort
Step into the Disorientation tunnel and put your orientation skills to the test

At GeoFort, everything revolves around planet Earth. GeoFort is place of exploration and discovery. There’s plenty to do, experience and learn on this exciting fortress island on the New Dutch Water Line.

Explore the wonderful world of navigation and geology. A visit to the fortress island is not only interesting, it’s fun and exciting too. Take a virtual tour of the Netherlands or go on an adventure with GeoExperience. Prefer a more physical activity? Help build the do-it-yourself maze or try to make the best structure you can using only bamboo and rubber bands. There’s no time to get bored at GeoFort.


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